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St. Petersburg Tutoring

St. Petersburg Tutoring

St. Petersburg Tutoring provides opportunities to all the students who face difficulties in a group learning environment, with its very qualified and experienced team. Our tutors give our students individual attention and guidance that they do not get in the crowded classroom. Our tutors have been trained on how to deal with a student who has special needs.

About Us

St. Petersburg Tutoring gives you a guarantee that your child will achieve a higher score than the previous scores. All we do is to ensure our students have the best opportunities and are enabled to be successful in whatever realm they choose to enter.
St. Petersburg Tutoring can provide every kind of tutor. We work on the basis of the seven principles of public life: Selflessness, Integrity, Objective, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, and Leadership. St. Petersburg Tutoring is here to provide our students with good tutors that ensure that they have the best quality education.


    Our Services

    To ensure we are able to assist a range of young adults with their educational needs, we provide a series of different services that are tailored to each of our individual clients and will help them progress through the milestones throughout their life. We provide special needs tutoring, ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, Math tutoring, homeschool tutoring, and reading comprehension tutoring services. Below we have outlined our services with a brief explanation, with further detail provided in the links dedicated to each category.

    Tutors who care

    Special Needs Tutoring

    We all know that the classrooms are crowded with students. It is difficult for the teacher to give separate attention to all students. Moreover, some students also face difficulty in studies in a group learning environment. These students need specialized tutoring so that they can get the full attention required and build important learning skills. These children are faced with challenges in regards to their academic performance. That is why St. Petersburg Tutoring finds that one-on-one tutoring is an alternative for these children who need special attention.


    ACT is a standardized test that is used for college admission in the United States. Special strategies are required to pass this test with a high score. Many students do not pass this test due to a lack of proper guidance and methodology.
    The best tutors for ACT tutoring are here at St. Petersburg Tutoring. Our tutors are very efficient and strategic. They teach students strategies to solve the questions in a limited time. Our tutors have designed self-placed lessons and quality content which are very helpful for our students.


    The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. This test includes reading, writing, and math. Every year many students take the SAT but only a limited number of students achieve high scores because of the lack of proper guidance. Students waste their time and money on tutors who have no experience with SAT tutoring. If you want to get a good score on this test, you have to choose a tutor who is an expert in it.

    “My tutor was Eddy**. He was an expert in the math subject, so he explained all topics clearly. The exceptions were the topics my professor taught differently. Overall the experience was great.-Stephen, St. Petersburg, Florida”

    Teacher helping students with using a laptop. 


    “I have had a great experience with St. Petersburg Tutoring. The hourly rate seemed pricey when I got the tutoring package for my high school daughter but tutors are excellent including the ones we connected with for instant tutoring. It is time and money well spent.” - Mike Henry, Florida


    “I would like to commend St. Petersburg Tutoring on the quality of their Tutors. I would especially like to thank my Tutor Dan ** for his help when I needed it most. He was well educated, professional, and an expert in the subjects he taught. What more can I ask for? I would highly recommend St. Petersburg Tutoring!” - Michael Hussey, Florida

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    Everyone knows the complexity of mathematics. Many students face difficulty in trigonometry, algebra, and in many other topics of mathematics. There are many methods to solve a single math problem but students are taught only a single method in a classroom. Some students pick this method up easily but some students face difficulty as every student has a different capacity.
    If you also face difficulty in math, you are in the right place. St. Petersburg Tutoring has a great team of math tutors. Our tutors are well qualified and expert in mathematics. They have a wide array of experience and have been teaching for many years. We assure you that they will help you overcome your difficulties and teach you good and efficient methods to solve math problems.

    Math tutoring

    If you are searching for a Home School tutor, then we recommend you St. Petersburg Tutoring. We have a great team of tutors who are experts in Home school tutoring. Our tutors are very well qualified and highly experienced in this profession. With the help of our tutors, your children can easily get out of their difficulties in a very short time.
    As your children do not adapt to group learning, therefore they are facing these difficulties. Our tutors will give them individualized attention to solve their problems. They will help them to become more confident and enhance their learning skills. Your children surely get rid of their difficulties and become more confident after getting our tutoring services.


    St. Petersburg Tutoring offers a great team of tutors for reading comprehension. Our tutors are very experienced and well qualified. They know how to enhance your reading comprehension skills. Our tutors have been teaching for years and know the right strategies that help you to improve your understanding and visualizing skills. We assure you that if you select St. Petersburg Tutoring, you will face no difficulty in reading comprehension.
    Our tutors teach about how to summarize text and draw conclusions from it. For the improvement of reading comprehension skills, they create specific activities. They teach a simple and efficient method to help you in coding and decoding the information in the text. Our tutors also know how to develop self-questioning skills. So if you really want to get an expert in reading comprehension you should find a tutor who is an expert in this profession. We recommend you select St. Petersburg Tutoring for learning reading comprehension correctly.

    Pre-K education is very important and very challenging for children. Preschool and kindergarten education make the base of students. Children face difficulty in early education as it is the start of their educational journey, so we should not compromise that in any way. PRE-K tutoring is very helpful and important for children to study their base and increase their future betterment.
    St. Petersburg Tutoring has a great team of tutors who are experts in this profession for PRE-K tutoring. We assure the quality of our services as our tutors are highly qualified and very experienced. They give their best for the sake of each child's future betterment.

    reading comprehension

    St. Petersburg Tutoring is one of the most famous Tutoring companies in Florida. We always believe in the quality of education. We give you a guarantee that your child will achieve a higher score than the previous score after getting classes from our professional tutors. We undertake one on one tutoring sessions so that the focus is solely on expanding the mind and refining the skills of the client that we are working with at that moment. If you are looking for some assistance with your study, please contact us for more information.